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Financial Consultant

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Location: Kabul, , Afghanistan
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Job Category: Finance
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 06.02.2014

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Following the United Nations fourth World Conference on women in Beijing-china, which was attended by group of Afghan women from various organizations and UN agencies, the idea of establishing a network to promote unity and cooperation among Afghan women was born.
The Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) founded in 1995 is a cornerstone of Afghanistan’s fledging women’s movement, serving as a well-established network for the growing number of women’s organizations and individual members operating in the country. AWN has had a strong presence in several Afghan provinces through AWN’s secretariat in Kabul, Herat, Jalalabad and other provinces through its members. AWN fulfills the role of a network of organizations, as well as undertaking its own Advocacy function, addressing issues such as gender-based violence, youth empowerment and girl’s education.
The operating environment for women’s organizations in Afghanistan is rapidly evolving, as reconstruction and development efforts continuous with varying rates of success amidst an unstable peace and shifting religious, political and social contexts facing women and girls. AWN sits at the epicenter of this environment, representing the interests of over 117 member organizations


          Responsibilities/Duties: Finance Consultant


·         The Consultant will make his own assessment.

·         The Consultant will develop his/her findings and will share it with AWN.

·         On the basis of his/her findings, the consultant will provide work plan to AWN.

·         The Consultant will provide the trainings to AWN on planning and budgeting area  as follows,

o   How to plan the project (financially )

o   How to develop the work plan  ( financial )

o   How to monitor the project according to project planning

o   How to make budgets for the projects

o   How to make annual budget of the organization

o   How to ensure that actual expenditures do not exceed from actual


o   How to overcome the problems if occurred in case of excess

    expenditure or less expenditure than budgeted

o   How to maintain the record of all the mentioned points for future review

    and analysis.

·         The Consultant will provide trainings on how to keep the accounting record           including subsidiary records.

·         Consultant will provide the training to AWN for internal control over liquid     resources, Subsidiary record and other relevant task.

·         Consultant will provide the training to AWN for preparation of accounting statement and also explain how they can use for their future plan.

·         Consultant will review the financial controls of AWN and provide them suggestion for upgrading their system.

·         Consultant will check and develop external and internal audit function, also define the role of management committee member in this area.

·         The Consultant will provide training to AWN on the importance of competent staff in finance department.

·         At the end of the trainings, Consultant will visit AWN Finance Section for             three full days in each organization for checking the results of the trainings           provided.

·         In the visit as mentioned above, the Consultant will solve their problems while       practically working with them.

·         The Consultant will develop new forms and make systems if necessary found       by the Consultant.

·         Consultant will provide the training to AWN for communication strategy,               design report criteria and other related task.

·         Consultant will train on the Inter-departmental relations and communications.

·         Consultant will provide the guidelines for fund raising plan, Emergency                 recovery plan and also provide the guide lines of creating reserves.

·         Consultant will provide the format of subsidiary record as per the requirement      of the international accounting standards.

·         Check and review current reconciliation format and provide necessary                   amendment as per requirement of the standards.

·         Consultant will check the current internal control its implementation and               provide necessary amendment along with technical support.

·         Consultant will check the current fixed assets format and provide finance             department proper recording training.

·         Consultant will train AWN finance department regarding the tax calculation           over supplies / Supplier and its further implementation in the ministries.

·         Consultant will work on separate funds management policy and provide proper       training to finance department in this regard.

·         Consultant will work on Salary as per the requirement of the donor and                 compile it with AWN HR policy.

Job Requirements

 Job Requirements

  • Post graduate or graduate degree in Finance, Economics, Business administration, CA, or ACCA
  • Experience: 5 years of working experience in field of finance.


Contact Information

Interested candidates, who meet the above-mentioned requirements, should submit an up-to-date Resume/CV, with a Letter of Interest, via email to the following e-mail address:


Additional Considerations:

·       Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

·       Please write job title in the subject of your email

·       Applications meeting the above requirement will be entertained only.

·       Only the short listed candidates will be notified.

·       AWN reserves the right to appoint a selected candidate at a level below the advertised level of the post