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Tailoring and Clothing Production Management Consultant

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Location: Kabul, , Afghanistan
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Posted: 03.11.2015

Job Description


Wonderland Women Clothing Production Co. that has a production house and a retail shop called “Saleeqa” in Kabul would like to hire a Tailoring and Production Management Consultant for the period of two months starting from January 2015 to February 2015. The incumbent will have the following responsibilities:

1.       To identify the problems exist in the production process that causes high production cost and in efficiency

2.       Providing advice and training to the production house staff.

3.       Providing a plan and procedure for the production process


4.       Training the Production Manager in more efficient cutting and more efficient production line. 




Job Requirements



1.     More than 10 years of experience in professional tailoring/running a clothing production

2.     Experience in training people and providing advice.

3.     Have received training in tailoring so knowing the industrial production and industrial   tailoring machinery.

Submission Guideline:


Interested candidates should submit their CVs to or to Saleeqa Boutique at Bahrain Plaza, Madina Bazar, Qalaifullah, Kabul. You can call 0799110114.